Best Longboard Brands 2017

The providers for longboards are quite diversified and don’t fall into a single type. Some brands are divisions of larger conglomerates that operate within the USA, or globally, whereas original founders still run others and focus solely on skateboard/longboard-related product lines within the US market.

Some brands offer a mix of goods like surfboards, body boards, longboards, and skateboards for an eclectic product selection, but don’t have an extensive range within each category. Other brands that are heavily or solely focused on longboards offer many types of complete longboards, separate branded and non-branded decks, wheels, bearings, apparel, and more for a complete longboard experience.

Here is our rundown of the best brands to look out for.

Best Longboard Brands in 2017

Sector 9best longboard brand sector 9 review

Sector 9 is known as “nine-ball” to insiders and early adopters who followed this dynamic company and its products. Starting off in La Jolla back in 1993, the nascent business went from there and slowly grew. Few dedicated longboard-related companies have been in business this long.

Today, Sector 9 offers a complete selection of skateboard and longboard products for riders who just cannot get enough of their vibrant deck artwork or epic selection.

There are their Completes, pre-assembled longboards, like the Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop-Thru Bamboo Downhill Longboard or the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Longboard, both of which feature in our Best Longboards buyer guide due to their use of high-quality materials, durability and speed.

For riders who like to build their board from scratch, they sell separate drop-through and top mount decks, with distinctive artwork heat transfers, to assemble. Trucks, wheels, hardware parts like angled risers and bolt caps, and accessories like beanies and baseball caps, are also sold under the Sector 9 brand.


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SCSK8best longboard brands scsk8 review

SCSK8 considers itself to be the one-stop store for everything skateboard and longboard. Their product range certainly covers enough categories to try to stake the claim. However, there are not many products offered within each category.

They offer complete skateboards, complete longboards, branded decks, plain decks, longboard wheels, one truck product, and one hat.

The SCSK8 brand is less expensive than some of the premium longboards, which often makes their products a good starting point for someone either wanting to try skateboarding or longboarding for the first time or who is on a limited budget. Some corners are cut with parts to keep complete longboard prices down, like bearings that are an ABEC 5 rating, not ABEC 7 or 9.


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Questbest longboard brands quest review

Questboard based in the USA is a company that likes to delve into several fun activities in one. They’re involved with making longboards, surfboards, body boards, a snowboard, and a scooter.

Rather than create a multitude of products that may confuse the riders, they keep it simple though. A single 48-inch surfboard, a small handful of surfboards and body boards, and fewer than ten longboards and skateboards (including color variations). When deciding on a Quest product, it certainly makes shopping for the right product much easier.

The brand is a division of Made in Mars, Inc. which manufactures products under several different brands: Quest, Body Glove Skateboards, Tiki Shark Skateboards, Bahne Skateboards, and POM POM.


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Atom Longboardsbest longboard brands atom review

Based in Colorado Springs since 2005, the goal of the brand is to offer quality skateboards and longboards at affordable prices. Atom Longboard is a division of the larger Colony Sports Group.

Atom Longboards have 35+ designed complete boards to choose from within their range. Many of their products display the Atom branding proudly. Both top mount and drop through designs are included to account for the preferences of each rider. Skateboards and longboard are made by Atom, with a greater emphasis on longboards.

Replacement parts are available directly from Atom. Rugged all-terrain wheels, Deville Knucklehead bearing sets, truck bushings, and grip tape are all sold under the Atom brand. With apparel, only a single t-shirt is offered with a modest Atom logo on the front.


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Santa Cruzbest longboard brands santa cruz review

Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of a selection of brands from NHS Inc. which is a leading skateboard manufacturer and distributor in the USA. NHS Inc. originally started in 1973, and the Santa Cruz brand was created later.

Under the Santa Cruz brand, the company makes complete skateboards and longboards, separate decks, wheels, and training DVDs and books. In their Santa Cruz apparel line, they have hats, sweatshirts, jackets, bottoms, bags, backpacks, and other smaller accessories.

There are many cruiser models which are a major feature of their product range. Many of the longboards are themed, with designs that others can enjoy when watch you go airborne in a skate park.

The brand is a dominant player; not afraid to make big licensing deals as evidenced by their Star Wars, The Force Awakens licensee arrangement which has spawned many Star Wars themed decks and complete board products.


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Rimablebest longboard brands rimable review

The Rimable brand is owned by Yongkang YDream Fitness Equipment Company Ltd.

Their range of skateboards and longboards marketed in the USA includes longboards, wheels that light up for nighttime rides, and even kids’ scooters.

The graphics used on their longboards are one of the standout features. They are attractive, bold, and distinctive. Their complete boards are not all long, with some shorter ones suitable for teenagers and younger kids too. Both top mount and drop through designs are catered for, so it’s possible for riders to choose a complete longboard that suits their purposes.

Penny Skateboardsbest longboard brands penny skateboards review

Penny Skateboards is a global skateboard and longboard company with operations in several regions and countries like the United States, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. Ben Mackay is the founder of Penny Skateboards and uses his 12 years’ of experience in skateboarding manufacturer to deliver high-quality longboards and skateboards.

The company makes plastic injection mold skateboards and longboards as their standard design approach. It does vary the style of their decks and patterns, but essentially it’s all plastic here for lightness and stark color variations. They also sell several comfortable rider backpacks to fit the skateboard into when on foot or a bus.

The trucks used are often reverse kingpin ones for the ultimate in maneuverability. The wheels use colors that complement the primary color scheme of the deck while being different from it to stand out.

Jelly Skateboardsbest longboard brands jelly skateboard reviews

Jelly Skateboards was originally the brainchild of Sven Alwerud who began making money by cleaning skateboards for others at a skate park at the tender age of 7. Later, he worked with his friend Cody to develop a skateboard of their own. They wanted to create a unique, transparent skateboard and used bullet-proof fiberglass to pull it off.

The early prototype boards had their college buzzing when riding them into campus, and a new business was born. Today, the clear design aesthetic is still the approach of the Jelly Skateboards which offer more flex than other boards while having the advantage of being able to see the ground that you’re riding over.

The company makes skateboards, longboards, special risers, skate wheels, and apparel accessories emblazoned with the Jelly logo.

The block risers used with their boards also saw some innovation too. Their BettyBox riser includes either the StashBLOCK Drawer or the GoBLOCK GoPro® Mount. The drawer is a safe place to stash the cash or house keys when going out in pocket-less beachwear and the GoPro Mount helps support a GoPro which records your ride.

LandYachtzbest longboard brands LandYachtz review

LandYachtz was started by Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand in British Columbia, Canada 18 years’ ago. The company has since expanded to facilities in both BC and LA County. Landyachtz continues to follow its mission of using skateboards to improve the lives of their riders.

The company makes mini cruisers for young riders, adult cruisers, freeride/downhill boards, and hybrid models. There are also wheels, trucks, accessories (grip tape, bearings, risers), and apparel (shirts, fleece, jackets) available.

The Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard is among our list of recommended longboards due to its use of quality materials (70mm Mini Monsters wheels, Bear Gen 5 Grizzlies trucks, and Precision Bearings).

Never Summerbest longboard brands neversummer review

Never Summer got into the snowboarding game back in 1983 with its modern design and fabrication of products for anyone who likes fooling around in the snow and didn’t want to strap on a pair of skis. Their Denver, Colorado facility is used to fabricate boards that meet specific stress tolerances to ensure they stand up to rigors of the piste.

It seemed like a natural fit for the company to also step into the longboard game. When the snow has melted, keen snowboarders can take their natural balance and keen eye, and switch it directly to longboarding to keep on moving.

The company makes an eye-catching range of longboards (cruiser mini, cruiser, freeride, downhill and flex deck), snowboards, and apparel (t-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, flannels, men’s collection, women’s collection, kid’s collection), and accessories too.

The Never Summer Clutch Colorado Limited 39″ Complete Longboard (BC Surf & Never Summer Exclusive) is an excellent example of the company’s drop-through design, colorful artwork, and quality execution.

Voladorbest longboard brands volador review

The Volador brand from ORCA Industries Ltd is a bit of a mysterious company. They make their successful longboard, plus a range of other miscellaneous accessories (not related to longboarding) all sold through

Their Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard (Drop Through Camber Deck) does many things right with its maple wood deck with beautiful design and laminated heat transfer, ABEC 9 bearings, reliable grip tape, and other reliable features.

One should not be put off by the limited longboard range of the Volador brand. However, they’re not like many of the other brands that offer a far wider selection of longboards, decks, trucks, wheels, apparel, and accessories to suit any longboarders’ needs.

White Wavebest longboard brands white wave review

White Wave Longboards (not to be confused with the food company acquired by Danone) was founded in 2014 after an extended period of experimentation in the garage with different longboard design ideas. Finding a manufacturer capable of delivering a smoother ride at an affordable price proved a huge challenge, but eventually, thanks to a deep-pocketed co-investor, an appropriate manufacturer was found who could bring White Wave Longboards to life.

The company makes a highly selective range of bamboo longboards; both drop through and top mount designs, for riders who care about enjoying a smooth ride without breaking the bank.

Their colorful selection of bamboo longboards is available from

Rivierabest longboard brands riviera review

Riviera is part of Skate 8 which produces a broad range of branded skateboards for over ten brands from their factory in Costa Mesa, California.

The brand has mini, micro minis, drop through designs, Fusion, Live Flex, Combine, Flex, Top shelf, and Downhill / Freeride range. The deck graphics are bright, outdoors-related, with a huge range of inspired looks.

Other longboard brands we will be adding soon include:

  • Yoacher
  • Backfire
  • Krown
  • CNLinkco
  • Eightbit
  • Kryptonics
  • AW
  • Karnage
  • MBS
  • Surge
  • Jacoble
  • TGM Skateboards
  • Gold Coast

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